Earlier this month Standard Access founder Damien Browne and lead software developer Mihai Penica took part in a special radio feature for Dublin South FM and iPropertyRadio.com.


As one of Europe’s most established property technology companies, it was great to have the opportunity to reflect back on the early days of the business – the funding challenges, encountering industry reticence etc. And then to see objectively how far the real estate industry has come in terms of tech adoption. Admittedly, a huge amount of that progress has been made in the past six months as the traditional operators scramble to play catchup amid the chaos and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.


Damien discussed the increasing importance of reducing touchpoints across all real estate sector- you can read more about this here: https://standardaccess.co/pandemic-responsive-workplace-reducing-touchpoints-in-shared-spaces/ 


Also, Mihai demonstrated the value of deep tech innovation in-house as he spoke about the new pandemic-responsive technology SAvant for keeping count of people within buildings and in public spaces. This algorithm was ideated, developed and deployed through existing CCTV cameras within a matter of weeks. Significantly, this technology not only monitors capacity within public and private spaces, it can also identify when people are not wearing masks or face coverings as mandated by recent legislation in many countries and regions. You can read more about SAvant, as covered in national media, here: https://standardaccess.co/sunday-independent-kerry-firm-to-raise-e4-5m-as-it-rolls-out-crowd-counting-tech/


Listen back to the interview in full here:


https://anchor.fm/ipropertyradio/Standard Access




About Standard Access: 

Established in 2014 by Damien Browne, Standard Access is a global leader in IoT solutions for smart building access and developer of the Sonic Handshake®, which is a revolutionary Data Over Sound technology to enable building and room access using an encrypted sound byte via app. www.standardaccess.co

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