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We open doors with a

Sonic Handshake®


Welcome to Standard Access

Our unique totally digital cloud based solution, designed specifically for the commercial environment, makes managing access easy and cost effective.

We have reinvented the key and created an Enterprise Level Platform, Smart Lock and Virtual Key delivered to an APP on your mobile device,  this enables the ‘Sonic Handshake’® to open doors.

A easy, user friendly way to manage secure access.

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The Product

The Standard Access platform is designed specifically as a commercial solution with businesses and business needs in mind, created to integrate with existing HR, Financial, Booking, and Client Proprietary systems.

With an Enterprise Level Platform, Smart Lock and Virtual Key delivered on user friendly APP,  triggering a ‘Sonic Handshake®’ to open doors. This invention will operate on any smart phone; its robust, secure and enables the scale-ability required to deploy in a commercial environment.


More about our product

You can issue and revoke keys to users via the cloud,  You decide on who, when, where, and for how long a user has access. Issue virtual keys to employees, maintenance staff and guests on a door-by-door basis. Keys can be time-based, issued for a one-time-use only, be recurrent, or expire automatically. Access is determined by you, and can be based on authentication levels, payments, employee status and/or time.

Underpinned by an Access Management Platform offering a wide range of functionality from property/space listings; booking; payment; access management; key management; data analytics


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