AI-enabed, real-time, accurate people counting through CCTV 


In addition to our building access solutions and smart real estate management offering, the Standard Access in-house development team has created enterprise level software, SAvant, that can be incorporated into any contemporary CCTV system to count the number of people in any given room or building in real time. The system will issue instant alerts to building owners or operators if room capacity or building capacity is reached. If capacity is breached, the system will alert building owners or managers in real time to prompt corrective action.  Significantly, SAvant does not identify individuals. This technology can also be used to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature.


This Artificial Intelligence, or AI, technology is designed to help large organisations, entertainment venues and building owners, as they reopen their premises, to comply with the new public health crowd restrictions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Construction Network Ireland recently reported on SAvant and you can read more here: ‘Standard Access Develops AI-Enabled Crowd Capacity Software 


How it works


Crucially, the SAvant system does not use facial recognition and will not identify individuals, making it fully-compliant with GDPR. The technology identifies people by height and by outer clothing in order to count individuals and then determine which individuals have left the space, making it more reliable than dated electronic entryway counters. The software makes accurate crowd numbers and capacity information available in real time through a dashboard and generates recommendations, for example, to redirect people to another area or to limit further admittance to the area in question until others leave. 


As all of our tech development is done in-house, our team can ensure speedy deployment and responsive troubleshooting on a global scale. The technology can be applied to an existing CCTV system, indoor or outdoor as a smart city solution and there is no limit to the number of persons that can be detected and counted in real time. 

Contact the team by email at or telephone +353 66 9150503 to discuss your requirements. 


About Standard Access: 

Established in 2014 by Damien Browne, Standard Access is a global leader in IoT solutions for smart building access and developer of the Sonic Handshake®, which is a revolutionary Data Over Sound technology to enable building and room access using an encrypted sound byte via app.

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