Standard Access: Making Spaces Smart as Standard

Ireland-based company Standard Access, provider of secure building access solutions and expert in smart real estate management, has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help large organisations, entertainment venues and building owners to comply with new public health crowd restrictions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. By monitoring building capacity in real-time, SAvant enables building operators to adhere to new pandemic-responsive rules on crowd capacity and social distancing.


As people gradually return to workplaces, social spaces and public transport, reduced occupancy and physical distancing will be important for employers and venue owners in order to build trust and confidence.


The company is currently rolling out enterprise level software that can be incorporated into existing CCTV systems to detect the number of people in a particular area at any one time. SAvant technology also works on 360 degree cameras. If capacity is breached, the system will alert building owners or managers in real time to prompt corrective action. The system also monitors space utilisation to reduce waste and monitors air quality, humidity and temperature for optimum efficiency.


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How it works


Crucially, the SAvant system does not use facial recognition and will not identify individuals, making it fully-compliant with GDPR. The technology identifies people by height and by outer clothing in order to count individuals and then determine which individuals have left the space, making it more reliable than dated electronic entryway counters. The software makes accurate crowd numbers and capacity information available in real time through a dashboard and generates recommendations, for example, to redirect people to another area or to limit further admittance to the area in question until others leave.


Through the administration dashboard, building operators can tailor the maximum number of people allowed into each room, bus, train carriage, campus, lobby, events room or street. Crucially, it can also identify whether the people are wearing masks or not.  If any of the defined criteria is breached, the system will alert the appropriate staff members to a problem area, thereby allowing staff to concentrate on more important tasks.


“SAvant  was designed to help owners and operators of commercial real estate and shared residential buildings, such as student accommodation and co-living, however, the technology is scalable to work outdoors on a much larger scale.”

~ Damien Browne, CEO of Standard Access

SAvant technology can be applied to existing CCTV systems and there is no limit to the number of persons that can be detected and counted in real time, making this an ideal smart city solution. All Standard Access tech development is done in-house, which makes for speedy deployment and responsive troubleshooting.


A quick background about us…


Standard Access is an advanced technology company based in Dingle, County Kerry.

We built an enterprise level platform from the ground up and connected hardware electronics to allow people to unlock doors with an encrypted sound burst from their smartphones.


Our team are experts in remote authentication and secure data transmission. We have developed the most secure access control system on the market without compromising personal data; no biometrics are used.


The Standard Access team have development experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, Machine Learning (ML) and the internet of Things (IoT).


Contact Standard Access


Suite 1L, Pairc an Ghno, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Tel: +353 66 9150503

Mob: +353 (0)83 8066388



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