Standard Access: Smart as Standard 

Proptech Solutions for Commercial Real Estate


  • Booking, reserving & paying for space: If you wish to rent out communal spaces such as offices or halls, Standard Access allows users to pre-pay and book the space they need. Users will be granted access to the space during the rental slot, after which access will be revoked. This creates an efficient rental system that does not require timely in-person meetings and exchanging of keys.


  • Tenant & Landlord Apps: Standard Access provides each user with a unique virtual key, created using our unique encrypted audio technology. Building access can be limited to specific rooms and adjusted according to the user’s need for access. This removes any chance of unauthorised access within the building. In-app chat is available and – if allowed by the client –  users can share keys via WhatsApp


  • Security: Standard Access provides complete tenant security through our virtual key app. This replaces traditional keys, which are often lost or not returned at the end of a tenancy. Virtual keys cannot be lost or stolen, eliminating the need to replace or change locks. 


  • Maintenance access: Maintenance workers can be given one-time or recurring access to relevant areas of the building, allowing them to work without a building administrator on-site. Access can be revoked as soon as the work is done, eliminating any security issues. Job tickers are raised and managed through the app and dashboard.


  • Community engagement: The Standard Access app has a chat function which allows easy and fast communication between landlords and tenants. Tenants can raise any issues that need to be addressed, and landlords can inform tenants of any upcoming maintenance or building events.


  • Systems integrations: Our Gateway can analyse data from other connected devices securely send it the managers dashboard. We can also build integrations to a range of building management systems, including Yardi.


  • Crowd capacity monitoring: Our newly-released AI-enabled algorithm can be deployed on existing CCTV to monitor crowd numbers and alert managers if numbers are breached, it can also detect if people are wearing masks.


  • New tenant App – Roll out scheduled for Q1 2021: White-labelled tenant app to allow the tenants/employees access in-demand services like car service, food ordering, laundry pick-up, spa or restaurant reservations.


  • Data analytics: Standard Access can provide landlords with information such as building usage, air quality and use of lighting and heating facilities. This data can be used to measure emission levels and find practical ways of lowering energy costs.


  • Central Control: All of these features are managed through the Standard Access administration dashboard. The dashboard also allows easy integration with any existing building hardware, including electricity meters, and any management software, including HR and booking systems. Standard Access covers every aspect of property management in one efficient system, making it easier to manage multiple buildings from a single location.


About Standard Access: 

Established in 2014 by Damien Browne, Standard Access is a global leader in IoT solutions for smart building access and developer of the Sonic Handshake®, which is a revolutionary Data Over Sound technology to enable building and room access using an encrypted sound byte via app.

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