The team at Standard Access were delighted to be included amongst the emerging construction tech innovators for 2021 by Civil and Construction Ireland magazine …


Construction Technology is Coming of Age


“Due to the pandemic, three years of construction technology growth and adoption has been compressed into the past nine months,” – Henry D’Esposito, JLL’s Construction Research Senior Analyst 

Contech, or Construction Technology, refers to a whole range of technologies used during the construction phase of a project, designed to optimise industry efficiencies and effectiveness.


Ireland-Based Innovators


Smart PMO 


SmartPMO uses artificial intelligence to learn from anonymised infrastructure project data (schedule and cost) then offer a predictive power and transparency that provides assurance from project planning to closure, helping to save costs and reduce project delays.


Standard Access

Standard Access is the global leader in IoT secure data transmission for the built environment. Creators of the Digital Spine Operating System, this Kerry-based technology provider offers a suite of AI-enabled solutions for new and existing developments. 



GOcharge operates a reliable and convenient car charging network throughout Ireland for EV drivers. The company is now providing GOcharge electric vehicle charging solutions for housebuilders, which will soon become a requirement in all new residential schemes.




GoContractor is a digital onboarding, training and management platform for construction workers. Users can save time while improving worksite safety and compliance through the platform. 




Based in County Wicklow, ConstructionBOS provides CRM solutions for development suppliers in the construction industry. By integrating construction data from providers such as CIS and Barbour ABI, ConstructionBOS gives clarity and control to sales teams.






About Standard Access 

Established in 2014 by Damien Browne, Standard Access is a global leader in IoT solutions for smart building access and developer of the Sonic Handshake®, which is a revolutionary Data Over Sound technology to enable building and room access using an encrypted sound byte via app.

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